Objectives and Philosophy

The main objective of this investment fund is capital preservation. Although capital is not guaranteed, the investment strategies chosen minimise risk and volatility, while seeking an attractive return. minimisent les risques et la volatilité, while seeking an attractive return. The risk/return ratio is thus optimised.

The philosophy of the fund is to combine 2 investment strategies on 2 different underlying universes in order to find a relevant diversification and to reduce the exposure to various financial market fluctuations.


The 2 preferred universes are the equity and bond markets.
Always with respect to capital protection, investments in the equity markets are made in the form of « “Event driven / Risk arbitrage / Hedged rights issue arbitrage”. ». The aim is to exploit special circumstances during mergers/acquisitions or certain imbalances in the allocation of rights by carrying out arbitrage.

The second strategy is dedicated to the mandatory market. In order to avoid the vagaries of the markets, the fund invests in private placements that provide a high return without price fluctuations. These investments have short and medium term time horizons and offer sufficient guarantees to minimise risk. The issuers of the private loans are largely strong real estate companies seeking financing for their development projects.

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