Present in the Indian Ocean since 2013, we rely on high-quality relationships with the main international institutional players.

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In order to meet the ever-growing demand of our clients, we have chosen a strategy of developing equity investments in companies renowned for their skills and professionalism, or partnerships with international companies

To complete our offer, we have become an agent of the Crystal Finance group, in order to advise our French expatriate clientele on both tax and asset management. We created Aurora Consulting to develop customised structured products. We also took a minority stake in Magellan to help international clients settle in Mauritius and provide day-to-day administrative services. Finally, we have opened an office in Paris, ANANTA France Conseil, which aims to provide service and advice to institutional clients.

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Whether you are an institutional or private client, we are present on a daily basis to assess and understand your issues in order to provide you with a tailor-made offer, reconciling return and security.
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The main objective of our various investment funds is capital preservation. Although capital is not guaranteed, the investment strategies chosen minimise risk and volatility, while seeking an attractive return. The risk/return ratio is thus optimised.
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Two associates have brought together six institutions and a partner with cutting-edge financial expertise, always focused on excellence and the future. Your future.
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We publish a quarterly newsletter on our website for informed investors.

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We provide a specific response to each of our clients. To this end, Ananta AM has surrounded itself with the best partners.


In order to best meet our clients’ expectations, we work with the largest banks in Mauritius as well as in Switzerland, Monaco and the Euro zone.


Concerned about the tax, legal and patrimonial issues of our clients, we have built up over the years a large network of notaries and specialised lawyers in order to meet the most complex requirements.


For our clients wishing to create a dedicated fund, a commercial or financial company, we work in close collaboration with the best management companies in the country.


Mauritius offers a strong economic environment and great investment opportunities.

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